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    Dont be afraid sis

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    The pot/dispensary experience is “changing, thanks to a new breed of entrepreneur in Colorado — young, ambitious and often female — that is trying to reach a more sophisticated clientele in everything from language to packaging to social events.

    “We’re weeding out the stoners,” said Olivia Mannix, the 25-year-old co-founder of a start-up called Cannabrand, an advertising agency devoted exclusively to marketing marijuana. “We want to show the world that normal, professional, successful people consume cannabis.”

    Jessica Bennett: In Colorado, a Rebranding of Pot Inc.

  6. Jack: Amen! Dudes, don’t be dicks. Treat her like the queen she is.

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    Ava Dalush
    James Deen
    My Brother Has A Big Dick #2

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    Rachel doesn’t mind that her regular masseuse is away.

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